Style hacks that will make ‘shopping your closet’ easier

Style hacks that will make ‘shopping your closet’ easier

Sometimes the shortcut is the best way to go. There are so many style tips and tricks that can make getting dressed and looking good, easier. 

When it comes to style hacks, Liz Teich (@TheNewYorkStylist on TikTok) has a million up her sleeve, literally. Teich specializes in finding ways to make fashion more functional and easy.

 Her biggest tip is to shop your closet.

This means wearing items that you already have, but may or may not wear, and making them more practical.

Here are a few hacks Liz Teich said made wearing the things she already had in her closet, easier. 

Static hack

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Say goodbye to clingy clothing.

No one likes the feeling of clothing sticking to their body with static – or even getting shocked. Silk skirts and softer fabrics often times cause these issues.

Teich says the best way to eliminate static is to take a wire hanger and swipe underneath the item of clothing. 

This takes the electrostatic charge away from the fabric.

Cardigan hack

Everyone has a basic cardigan in their closet that they throw on for comfort. Teich says you can flip the cardigan over and make it into a bolero which is much more form fitting and flattering. 

 (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

A great wardrobe staple that will probably never go out of style is a classic trench coat.

It’s a rimless wardrobe essential that can be added to any color scheme and style.

Trench coats can also can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect layering piece. 

Instead of leaving the belt of the jacket hanging though, Teich says a stylish-looking knot makes all the difference. 

She uses a box-knot method to get the perfect tie on her jackets.

Instead of tying it through like a shoelace, Teich says to loop one strap around your hand and then the other for a more seamless and neater tie. 

Bracelet hack

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Getting bracelets on and off can sometimes become a two-person job, which isn’t ideal for most people.

Teich says to use a zip lock bag or if you want to be more sustainable, use a bag that’s not plastic to help slide the bracelets off. 

Put the bag under the bracelets and then pull the bracelets down and they slide right off.

Toupee tape hack

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Sometimes pockets can be bulky and add unwanted texture and width to your look.

Teich uses toupee double-sided tape to temporarily seal the pockets closed. This helps to create a tailored look that’s neat. 

“We’re not getting rid of pockets ladies,” Teich said it’s the perfect hack because it’s temporary, so you can pick and choose when you want pockets. 

Shoelace hack

Adidas Samba white sneaker, on March 23, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

The Adidas Samba white sneaker is one of the hottest trends this season.

A messy shoelace with a bulky tie can really take away from an outfit.

Teich says to instead put the laces underneath the insoles. This way you won’t feel the laces under your feet, and it makes the sneaker a slip-on shoe that’s much sleeker looking and easier to wear every day.

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