Should You Use Yogurt as Skin Care? We Asked a Celeb Esthetician

Should You Use Yogurt as Skin Care? We Asked a Celeb Esthetician

Photo credit: Images courtesy of Emily Park/Getty Images

Photo credit: Images courtesy of Emily Park/Getty Images

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Ever wonder if something you’ve seen trending on Beauty Tok is actually true or just a myth?

In our BAZAAR Beauty Busters series, we’ll speak with top makeup artists, dermatologists, estheticians, and more to dispel or validate viral social media hacks and treatments. We’ll also break down commonly asked beauty questions, plus, feature tips and product recommendations, straight from the experts.

Aside from crafting a range of cult-favorite skincare products, like her best-selling vargas%2F” data-ylk=”slk:Rescue Serum” class=”link “>Rescue Serum and the BAZAAR editor-loved Bright Eye Firming Mask, celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas is well known for tending to the complexions of A-list clients like Lori Harvey, Elizabeth Moss, and Mindy Kaling.

Speaking of Lori Harvey, you may already be familiar with the model and brand founder’s viral TikTok video about the benefits of using Greek yogurt—yes, the kind you find in the dairy aisle at your neighborhood supermarket—on your face to calm skin and minimize beauty/skin-care/g3773/best-dark-spot-correctors/” data-ylk=”slk:dark spots” class=”link “>dark spots. Although Vargas previously made an appearance on Harvey’s page to back the star’s claims, we’ve asked her for the full inside scoop (pun intended) on this buzzy complexion hack.

In the latest installment of our BAZAAR Beauty Busters series, Vargas weighs in on the hotly debated question: Is using yogurt in your skincare routine actually legit? See her expert and honest opinion below, or directly on Harper’s BAZAAR‘s TikTok page.

Plus, if you’re not into yogurt, check out some of the professional’s approved product picks containing the active ingredient in question, lactic acid.

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