secondhand shopping and resale guide

secondhand shopping and resale guide

Secondhand shopping’s more popular than ever in 2023— where to shop

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As inflation continues to play a factor in every purchase decision we make, shoppers are increasingly looking to secondhand shopping to ease their financial woes. The secondhand market grew by 24% last year and it’s predicted that the market will continue to grow as people shy away from expensive, full-priced goods.

Senior Economics Correspondent of USA TODAY, Paul Davidson, says, “Inflation is significantly down from its peak last year but still much higher than normal. As a result, many low- and middle-income Americans are struggling to keep up and turning to second-hand retailers, especially for discretionary purchases like clothing.”  

Whether you’re looking for clothes or electronics, there are many stores and sites you should check out when shopping secondhand to save money

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The deals on clothing and accessories are unbelievable at threadUP.

thredUP is a great way to score deals on used clothes. It is a consignment platform that sells used women and kid’s clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories at an affordable price. The site’s offerings are conveniently categorized by brand which is helpful for finding exactly what you need, whether it’s a Forever 21 crop top or Gap denim jeans. You can get 35% off your first order along with free shipping when you use the code TRYUS.  

If that wasn’t cool enough, thredUP is collaborating with Reformation to give your clothing a second life. When you request a Payout Kit and fill it with clothing that’s in good condition, you can send it back for credit to use at their store. 

Shop threadUP


On Poshmark, you can benefit from being the buyer and the seller.

From Lululemon to Nespresso, Poshmark is the place to be if you’re looking for the hottest brands at an affordable price. One of Poshmark’s most notable traits is how social it is. Compared to other sites, they make it incredibly easy to talk with sellers and haggle prices as a buyer, , helping you get even more out of your purchases. There are some tips you should keep in mind when shopping Poshmark, the biggest one being to only buy what you love.   to only buy what you love. 

Shop Poshmark


Who said acquiring a luxury handbag has to break the bank?

Love designer handbags but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them? LePrix is the site for you. At LePrix, you can shop hundreds of beautiful handbags from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more at lower, wholesale prices. One thing that you should note is that you’ll need to apply to become a member of the site before you can begin shopping. 

Shop LePrix


Ebay has a positive, longstanding reputation for purchasing items directly from reliable and trustworthy sellers.

One of the oldest online storefronts around, eBay is another way to go second-hand shopping online. From clothing to electronics, eBay has it all. You can bid for some items, make offers or keep it simple by buying them for their list price. For some, part of the fun of eBay is the uncertainty of it, but if you’re coming from Amazon and would like no hassles, you can limit your shopping to certified refurbished items. Happy hunting! 

Shop eBay


If you want to integrate more vintage articles of clothing into your wardrobe, a good place to start is at Goodwill.

It’s time to pop some tags, even if you’ve only got twenty dollars in your pocket. Goodwill is one of the most famous thrift stores around. Stepping into any of the non-profit’s locations, you’ll be met with an ocean of used clothing just waiting to be explored. Whether your style is more retro or you’re looking for a denim jacket that won’t make your wallet whimper, Goodwill scratches the itch that other new clothing stores can’t quite scratch. 

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Shop Goodwill

Salvation Army

Give your space—or closet—a much-needed upgrade with the affordable finds at The Salvation Army.

Thrift stores aren’t just good for shopping for clothes; you can buy all kinds of cool, used goods. Take Salvation Army, another non-profit, donation-based thrift store, for example. Besides threads, you can find furniture, toys, CDs, paintings and appliances, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Part of the fun in browsing a thrift store is finding something you didn’t expect to see at a great price. 

Shop Salvation Army

Plato’s Closet

Plato's Closet has reclaimed thrift shop culture with trendy clothing that people actually feel confident in buying.

Did you know that Greek philosopher Plato was a recycling advocate? It’s where Plato’s Closet gets its name, because this shop is all about buying and selling gently used brand-name clothing and accessories, saving both the planet and your money. When you shop Plato’s Closet, you’ll find the hottest brands at prices you might not have thought possible. 

Shop Plato’s Closet

Buffalo Exchange

Whether you're slimming down or bulking up your daily attire, Buffalo Exchange can help.

Buffalo Exchange is another clothing reseller you can shop at. Any of their locations accept used clothing which can be sold for cash or traded in to help fund your next thrifting session. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what clothes to rock, you can check out Buffalo Exchange’s blog where they track the hottest fashion trends of the season. 

Shop Buffalo Exchange

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway shows users that there's no shame in buying, wearing and then returning!

Rent the Runway offers a unique way to experience fresh outfits, and that’s by renting them. Instead of paying full price to own designer-brand clothing you may only wear once, Rent the Runway allows you to rent them at a low price to wear for a month. If you love what you wear, you can buy it to own at a much lower price than it would cost to buy new. If you’re not satisfied with it, Rent the Runway makes it easy to send the clothes right back.  

Shop Rent the Runway

Patagonia Worn Wear

The Patagonia Worn Wear collection was created with sustainability in mind.

There are several brands with their own in-house resell programs. One of these is Patagonia through its “Worn Wear” program. It’s just one of the many ways the company is committed to sustainability. With Worn Wear, you can get credit for trading in your used clothing and score deals by shopping for lightly used clothing, combatting waste. 

Shop at Patagonia

lululemon Like New

Now you can score on "like-new" lululemon items at a brag worthy price.

The activewear sensation, lululemon, also has a resale program called “Like New.” Shoppers can drop off their old lululemon clothing at any participating store across the nation. Trade-ins will net credits which shoppers can then use toward new items or good-as-new lululemon clothes from the recycling program. Better yet, 100% of the profits go towards the Apparel Impact Institute’s Fashion Climate Fund, which works to reduce carbon emissions. 

Shop lululemon

Best Buy

Get a refurbished device at a fraction of the price—win win.

One of the sad facts of life is that tech, especially good tech, costs a lot of money. And we mean a lot. Thus, for the more budget-minded, shopping second-hand for laptops, televisions and phones is vital. Fortunately, Best Buy offers pre-owned options for many of the hottest tech gadgets. Just make sure you understand the difference between the various quality grades — a “fair” condition shirt is a lot different than a “fair” condition laptop. 

Shop Best Buy

Apple Certified Refurbished

These tech products have been authenticated by Apple itself, so no need to worry about buying a lemon or a dupe.

If you can’t get enough tech, you should check out Apple’s own resale program. Apple Certified Refurbished is a way to shop for used Apple products, touched up so that they’re practically good as new. By shopping Apple Certified Refurbished, you’ll be saving money on the hottest tech — a hard deal to pass up, given how pricey Apple products can be. Plus, they’re covered by warranty. You can also trade in your own Apple products for credit towards your next purchase. 

Shop Apple Certified Refurbished

REI Used Gear

If hiking and camping the great outdoors is on your bucket list for this summer, try shopping some of REI's used gear.

Hiking gear can be expensive, making the hobby cost prohibitive. Fortunately, for those looking to explore the great outdoors without a lot of money to throw around, REI offers a lot of used clothing and gear at the REI Co-Op. Whether you’re scoring a deal or getting money towards your next purchase, shopping REI helps make the hobby more equitable. 

Shop REI

The North Face

The repairs on these North Face goods are too good to be true because they look brand new.

You can buy used gear, hiking apparel and outdoor wear from The North Face Renewed. There are two ways to shop renewed. “Renewed: Like-New,” as the name implies, are used clothing that have been touched up to the point where there are no visible repairs. “Renewed: Reconditioned” is when used clothing is still fit to be worn, albeit with some visible repairs, making up for this by offering the clothing for even cheaper.  

Shop The North Face Renewed

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher's Renew stores are well-worth the hype.

Eileen Fisher’s “Renew” program is another way to save money when buying clothes while earning a bit of money. When you return your Eillen Fisher clothing to any Eileen Fisher or Renew stores, you’ll receive $5 in Renew Rewards regardless of the clothing’s condition. Whether you return clothing or not, you’ll be able to save lots when you shop Eileen Fisher Renew. 

Shop Eileen Fisher Renew

Levi’s Secondhand

Levi's Secondhand breathes new life into old denim.

If you’re looking to get Levi’s famous jeans, jackets and shorts for cheap, then you’re in luck. In the interest of a more sustainable future, the brand offers used clothing for sale at a reduced price through Levi’s Secondhand. With a reputation for durability, you don’t have to worry about quality when shopping used from Levi’s. 

Shop Levi’s Secondhand


Nike is dusting off old kicks and offering them to buyers at a steal.

Nike Refurbished is a way to sustainably shop for shoes at a reduced price. After a shoe is returned to Nike, they are touched up for resale. They are categorized into three conditions: like new, gently worn and cosmetically. Nike’s Refurbished offers can be found in-person at select stores. 

Shop Nike

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