Say Goodbye to Icky Skin With the Best Makeup Wipes

While makeup wipes have become a necessity for removing makeup, not all makeup wipes are worth your consideration. Be it waterproof mascara or darker lipstick, the ideal makeup wipes should be able to handle the toughest of makeup with ease and without causing any skin issues. 

The only hurdle between you and smooth makeup removal is finding high-quality cleaning wipes that actually deliver on their promises. Luckily, sifting through the hundreds of available options is not that challenging. Just evaluate each option based on the following criteria, and you’ll find the perfect makeup wipes in no time. 

Factors to Check Before Buying Makeup Wipes


Makeup wipes should be dermatologist-tested to ensure healthy skin. Some wipes can cause your skin to break out or result in redness. These problems can lead to acne and cause general discomfort. If a pack of wipes does not mention any clinical tests, move on to the next option. 


Ophthalmology is the branch of science concerned with the evaluation and treatment of eye disease. To protect your eyes and the skin around them, one must buy wipe cloths that are ophthalmology tested. Non-tested wipes can lead to persistent burning of the eye, and in severe cases they can even cause an infection. 


Another important factor to consider before buying makeup wipes is if they are hypoallergenic. Ingredients like phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin can result in an allergic reaction. During a reaction to these substances, your face can get covered with red, itchy rashes, which might take a long time to disappear. 

These side effects can be demotivating, and not to mention super dangerous. If you aren’t sure if you’re allergic to certain ingredients, consider scheduling an allergy panel test with your health care provider. 

Other Things to Look Out For 

Now that we know what factors to check out, let’s take a closer look at the build quality and factors that matter when buying makeup cleaning wipes.

Thick sheets

Nobody wants to use cleaning wipes that disintegrate with the first wipe. To ensure this doesn’t happen, always buy wipes with thick sheets that allow for complete makeup removal. In addition, the wipes should be able to absorb all the makeup in one go without leaving any residue on your skin. 


Makeup cleaning wipes must be soft and smooth, so the makeup removal process isn’t harmful or damaging to your skin. Customer reviews are a great resource to validate the smoothness of any wipes package. 


Makeup wipes shouldn’t be so dry that it takes a lot of vigorous rubbing and pressing to remove the makeup. Doing so might be frustrating and can harm the skin, causing reddening or rashes. 


Makeup removing sheets must be prepared without toxic substances like paraben, phthalates, soaps and alcohol. These products can increase the risk of cancer and disrupt the hormones in your body. They can also cause skin irritation, which will lead to reddening or even light skin abrasion.

How to Use Makeup Wipes Accurately

To start, take a wipe and gently rub it on your face. Then, press a little so that your pores get unclogged and cleaned as well. Make sure to remove everything thoroughly as leftover makeup can cause issues after some time. 

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