Robots stride along with models at Coperni fashion show in Paris. Watch

Robots stride along with models at Coperni fashion show in Paris. Watch

Remember supermodel Bella Hadid’s body being covered with spray paint during Paris Fashion Week? However, the main stars of the show were five robots that walked along with models at the Coperni fashion show in Paris. The video of robot canines with stripes of yellow and black is doing the rounds on the internet.

In a video, one of the robots is seen engaging with a model, tugging the jacket off her shoulder. In another video, the canine robots were seen moving around on the stage as the models strode between them.

While sharing the photographs from the show, the fashion brand wrote about the theme of the event. The show featured green-eyed robots ‘Spot’, from the American company Boston Dynamics. It drew inspiration from modern fable ‘The Wolf and the Lamb’ by Jean De La Fontaine.

The brand reinterpreted the fable which posed questions related to balance of power between human groups that constitute society.

“The show presents Coperni’s vision which is that there is neither a dominant nor a dominated, but that mankind and machine can live in harmony…. The FW23 collection emphasizes through a show performance the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology and the poetry and imagination that it allows,” the brand wrote in a post.

However, the introduction of robots at fashion show did not go down well with netizens who expressed their fear and doubts. A user commented, “Oof this feels like propaganda for this machines that are used by police to surveil people.” Another user wrote, “That terrifying Black Mirror episode…” A third user wrote, “Are they really necessary? So we really need them?”

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