I’m a fashion fan & found the perfect jeans for my wide-hipped girlies – they’re so flattering, I love the waist detail

I’m a fashion fan & found the perfect jeans for my wide-hipped girlies – they’re so flattering, I love the waist detail

A CURVY fashionista has revealed she’s found the dream jeans for all her wide-hipped gals – and they’re under £35.

Carla Kent, from Glasgow, regularly delights her 109,000 Instagram followers (@carlakentx) with her shopping hauls and outfit picks.

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Carla Kent found the dream jeans for her wide-hipped galsCredit: Instagram @carlakentx

The 27-year-old says it can be hard to find trousers that fit her hourglass figure straight off the rack – and often has to size up just to get the denim over her hips.

“I’m one of those body types that doesn’t fit into a lot of things”, she revealed.

“If you are a wide-hipped gal like myself you’ll know the struggle.”

But the makeup artist recently found the dream pair of jeans for her figure on the high street.

Sharing a snap pairing them with a cream satin crop top, Carla said: “My jeans are new in from H&M.

“I love them because of the tie waist.”

The 90s baggy jeans are available in grey, back and beige cost just £34.99, and are completely sold out in the grey modelled by Carla.

Describing their popular denim item on the website, H&M bosses said: “Wide leg with a loose fit from the waist to the hip and a baggy fit from the thigh to the hem. 

“Regular waist with a narrow, detachable tie belt and a zip fly and button. 

“Longer length, designed to fall over the foot with a stacking effect. 

“A denim statement that goes the distance.”

It’s not the first time that Carla has helped her slim thicc fashionistas with outfit tips.

She earlier revealed she’s found the perfect knee high boots for her “thick leg gals”.

And last month she bagged a pair of Primark cowboy boots which she hailed as the ideal boots for “big calf girlies“.

“Public service announcement [for] my big calf girlies and boys. These fit like a dream, honestly”, she gushed.

And the boots are a bargain too, scanning at just £18 at tills.

TV fans may recognise brunette beauty Carla from The Agency: Unfiltered.

The reality show is set to return to our screens next year for a second season.

The BBC Scotland series will once again follow Aquarius Creative, Scotland’s largest influencer agency.

Its founders Kirsten Cameron and Amy Moore said: “We’re so excited to have the opportunity to share our story with viewers once again, showing them the unfiltered reality of our world.

“We’re passionate about what we do and it’s been humbling to see the audience response to the first series.  We can’t wait to get going on series two.”  

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