I follow three tips to make sure I don’t waste money on clothes I wear once – the ‘hand rule’ makes all the difference

I follow three tips to make sure I don’t waste money on clothes I wear once – the ‘hand rule’ makes all the difference

A FASHION fan has revealed how to ensure you don’t waste money on garments you’ll only wear once – and why ‘hand rule‘ is a must when shopping.

The cost-of-living crisis has forced many to re-think their habits – and shopping is no exception.

The fashion fan advised her followers to stick to basics and always check the quality of the garments


The fashion fan advised her followers to stick to basics and always check the quality of the garmentsCredit: tiktok/@amandarafeh
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According to her, the ‘hand rule’ makes all the difference when shopping for clothesCredit: tiktok/@amandarafeh

Like many of us, fashion stylist Amanda Rafeh wants to save money where possible and here, buying the right garments is key.

The style whizz, who posts under @amandarafeh, took to TikTok to offer a helping hand to fellow fashionistas with three easy tips.

Hand rule

The guru, who has thousands of followers, started the video with something called the ‘hand rule’.

”If you can literally see your hand through a piece of clothing, it’s not worth buying.”

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Instead, Amanda advised her fans to look for garments that are double-lined or not cheaply made.

”Better quality means more durable and it won’t lose shape as fast.”

Avoid bold prints

As much as we like to look trendy, these styles come and go, not only meaning you have to fork a fortune to buy new looks but also adding to waste.

Amanda said: ”Try to avoid buying too many prints or bold colours.

”There’s nothing wrong with it – but it’s best you shop timeless styles and can mix and match with other items in your closet.”

Capsule wardrobe

When it comes to replenishing your wardrobe, the whizz recommended sticking primarily to basics.

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These include trousers, blazers, button-ups, white T-shirts, basic sweaters – it’s best to keep it simple.

”This also goes for accessories – nude sandals, white tennis shoes and basic coloured bags are what you want to look for.”

Speaking of fashion, have you ever wondered what all those mysterious codes on TK Maxx tags mean?

Well, one shopper’s claimed to know the answer – and it’ll help you find bargains.

Alex Pavlova, better known as tiktok.com/@beautyforeverybody”>Beauty For Everybody on TikTok, shared the discovery with her 36.2k fans and some branded the information a game changer.

According to Alex, who loves all things hair and beauty, there are three types of secret codes the retailer uses and each one means something else.

If you spot ”1” on the top of your price label, the savvy shopper insisted that the item had been produced specifically for TK Maxx.

However, if there’s a ”2” – this should be the second line from top – Alex reckoned it’s genuine unsold stock from popular brands.

Next up in the now-viral video was ”7” – this digit indicates that the product had been packed away from a previous year.

Sharing her shopping tips, Alex advised her followers: ”Always shop for ”2” and ”7” for the best deals.

”Thank me later,” she chuckled in the caption – and viewers certainly couldn’t have been more grateful for the useful piece of information.

One bargain-loving fashionista exclaimed: ”this is so helpful, thanks!!”

Someone else agreed, adding: ”girlll this might change the game [sic].”

”I work in tk maxx and didn’t know this,” an employee was just as stunned at the discovery.

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”Check the expiration dates on any liquids or creams especially with hair care, skincare and make up,” another shopper advised.

” Powders are usually fine.”

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