Five Menswear Insiders on Fashion Week ’Fits and “Street Style Dressing”

Five Menswear Insiders on Fashion Week ’Fits and “Street Style Dressing”

How do you generally approach putting together an outfit, and does that change at all during fashion week?

For me it’s important to be as authentic as possible, which is why my style, whilst constantly evolving, has fundamentally remained unchanged for the best part of a decade. The foundations of my own personal style lay within three distinct groups: cut, color, and texture. I gravitate towards one core color, or tonal variants thereof, whilst simultaneously mixing in subtle textural elements to add richness and depth.

The cut should first and foremost be complementary to my body shape, and secondly it should be dynamic in design terms. I tend to lean toward either sharp structured garments or louche voluminous ones. At times I interchange the two to play with proportion.

Would you say your style during fashion week is reflective of your everyday style, or do you tend to experiment more during the week?

Whether I’m at home (in London), or in Paris, Milan, or New York, I will always try to make the same conscious decisions when it comes to getting dressed. My preference is to reference the past, whilst simultaneously embracing the present. I am a huge fan of classic tailoring, but my approach to dressing isn’t always what you might call “conventional.” Yes, I wear suits with shirts and ties, but I will often choose to deconstruct the notion of what tailoring is, opting to juxtapose the formality of a suit with softer more contemporary accessories.

How has your style evolved since you first started attending shows? Is there anything you used to do at the beginning then that you stopped doing since?

I think for me it’s been a case of evolution not revolution. I understand what works for me, I’ve refined my tastes and preferences to a point where I’m focused on a perennial timeless style. That has allowed me to build a wardrobe that exists as an interchangeable capsule, mixing and matching designer with craft and heritage wear. I haven’t really stopped doing anything in particular other than wearing new shoes. Everything I wear on my feet has to be broken in. I’ve learnt that the hard way!

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