10 Cool Rings for Men Worth Adding to Your Jewelry Collection

There was a time in recent memory when the only rings deemed appropriate for men were limited to wedding rings, as well as the occasional class rings and signet rings, with the last two options restricted to members of certain institutions or those of a privileged social standing.

But today, rings are slowly but surely being worn by any and all kinds of men as purely decorative pieces. And it’s about time, especially since men are increasingly adding a bigger variety of accessories—including necklaces, bracelets and even earrings—to their growing jewelry collections.

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Plus, since we’ve entered this new era in men’s jewelry—thanks, once again, in large part to stars like Harry Styles—it’s as good a time as any to remember to throw out the rules. Gone are the days when stacking multiple rings at once would have you drawing comparisons to that insufferable Ali G character, or when sporting a pinky ring automatically branded you a Mafioso.

Whatever your style, wear rings with confidence. And here to help you on your way, we’ve selected the best men’s rings—from gold rings, silver rings, signet rings and everything bejewelled—to buy now and show off to your heart’s content.

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